Listen to The Arrangement 3: The Ferro Family (The Arrangement #3) by H.M. Ward

The Arrangement 3: The Ferro Family (The Arrangement #3)

The Arrangement 3: The Ferro Family (The Arrangement, #3)
by H.M. Ward

Sex isn’t love, but it feels like it–that is until Sean bolts from the room. For a moment, everything seemed fine. Avery’s life didn’t feel so impossible. She got the guy and the money, but then everything shifts. The line between reality and fantasy gets hazy. It’s impossible to know if her feelings are genuine or just an illusion.

To make matters worse something from Sean’s past surfaces. Devastated, Avery realizes that Sean isn’t the guy that she thought he was. Avery’s heart can’t take another loss and this time, it looks like she’s going to lose everything.

The Arrangement 3: The Ferro Family (The Arrangement #3)

The Arrangement: This is a love story between Sean Ferro, a sexy, powerful & slightly deranged multi-millionaire with a tormented past and Avery Stanz, a college student who resorts to being a call girl in order to survive against all odds. This series has taken on a life of it’s own. It is now fan driven which means that H.M. Ward listens to what her fans want or expect from this series and goes from there. As long as her fans want more, she gives us more. She’ll often ask her fans what they think of a certain scenario or what should happen next and she will write the story according to the fans’ input.  It’s an interactive experience like no other. For new “Arrangement” readers: don’t let the number of volumes discourage you. They read really fast and they are ADDICTIVE!

The Arrangement is a series of multiple serials (the total number of volumes has yet to be determined). This is a Ferro Family series about Sean Ferro. Other Ferro Family titles are Damaged (Peter Ferro) & Stripped (Jonathan Ferro) and The Proposition (Bryan Ferro, aka the Ferro cousin). You don’t have to read the other Ferro Family books to appreciate & understand The Arrangement but if you like H.M. Ward’s books, you may want to read all of them. Reading order: If you are planning on reading all of the Ferro Family books, I highly recommend reading them in the order they were published (starting with The Arrangement 1) to avoid any spoilers from one series to the next since they cross-over at multiple points in the timeline. The Ferro Family books are contemporary “new adult” romance stories involving characters mostly in their 20’s (college aged women & slightly older men).

On H.M. Ward’s serials: Serials are shorter books (approximately 130 pages in print: 1/4 to 1/3 of a full-length novel) that come out more frequently than full-length novels (about 1 per month). They are packed with emotional ups and downs and various twists and turns to her plots. They tend to start off abruptly from where the previous book ended and end with a surprising, suspensful and hair-pulling cliffhanger,  leaving the reader begging for the next volume.. Being shorter books, serials don’t recap events that occured in previous volumes, so it’s highly recommended to start off with book 1. I am a moderately slow reader and each volume takes me about 2 hours to read and are really entertaining. It’s almost like watching a tv show, episode after episode.
The Arrangement 3: The Ferro Family (The Arrangement, #3)The Arrangement 3: The Ferro Family by H.M. Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A note on The Arrangement serials:
The Arrangement is not your typical series. It is the love story of Sean Ferro and Avery Stanz, 2 people that have been dealt a band hand, find each during unusual circumstances and fall in love against all odds. Enjoy the ride (I know I am)!
Words to describe book 3:
Frustrating (in a good way), sad, compassionnate, joyful, funny, sexy, rage, heartbreak, devastation, torment, despair, twisted, intense!

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Listen to The Arrangement 3: The Ferro Family (The Arrangement #3) by H.M. Ward
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