Rip Tide by Kat Falls Audio Book

Dark Life Book 2 -Rip Tide book

Rip Tide (Dark Life #2) by Kat Falls

“There’s no shortage of action, intrigue, or daring exploits in this aquatic thriller.” – Publishers Weekly

Dark Life Book 2 - Rip Tide
Dark Life Book 2 – Rip Tide

Ty has always known that the ocean is a dangerous place. Every time he swims beyond the borders of his family’s subsea farm, he’s prepared to face all manner of aquatic predators-sharks, squid, killer whales . . .

What Ty isn’t prepared to find in the deep is an entire township chained to a sunken submarine, its inhabitants condemned to an icy underwater grave. It’s only the first clue to a mystery that has claimed hundreds of lives and stands to claim two more — lives very precious to Ty and his Topsider ally, Gemma.

Now in a desperate race against the clock, Ty and Gemma find themselves in conflict with outlaws, Seaguard officers, and the savage, trident-wielding surfs — plus a menagerie of the most deadly creatures the ocean has to offer.

Kat Falls brings to life the mysteries, marvels, and monsters of the deep in this fast-paced and inventive action-adventure.


Praise for RIP TIDE:

“As with its predecessor, there’s no shortage of action, intrigue, or daring exploits in this aquatic thriller. Atmospheric and tense, built around an expertly used postapocalyptic-meets-Wild West setting, this story’s a whole lot of fun and won’t disappoint fans of the first book.” – PW

Praise for DARK LIFE:

“Nifty premise, solid characterization, and tense moments . . . contribute to a cinematic reading experience. Falls’s undersea world warrants further exploration.” – Publishers Weekly

“A definite must-read for SF fans.” – Voice of Youth Advocates

“The exotic setting and well-conceived details about undersea living, along with likable characters and a minor surprise at the end, will keep readers turning the pages.” – Booklist

About the Author

Kat Falls is the author of Dark Life and its sequel, Rip Tide. A graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, she holds an MFA in screenwriting from Northwestern University, where she now teaches. She lives in Illinois with her husband and three children.

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Review Rip Tide (Dark Life #2) by Kat Falls Audio Book

Our favourite Dark Lifer and his Topsider friend are set for another post-apocalyptic adventure in this follow-up to Dark Life. Ty and Gemma discover a township chained and sunk on the ocean floor, every one of its hundreds of residents murdered. But before they can begin to unravel the mystery, another crisis takes centre stage.

Ty’s underwater colonist parents are planning to sell their crops to a Surf township. This is a controversial decision on their part as the Surfs – short for surfeits – are known to be dangerous. After all, what do they have to lose? Their floating townships have seen their rations cut in half by the Topsider assembly and the colonists won’t let them fish in the Benthic Territory. It turns out to be a risk too far by Ty’s parents: they’re abducted as they’re making the deal.

Can Ty and Gemma find his parents? Or those responsible for the massacre on the township? To do so, they’ll need to join up with the notorious Seablite Gang, avoid Captain Revas of the Seaguard and risk their lives against both desperate villains and sea monsters…

I love the idea of an undersea world. And I love a good bit of dystopian fiction, especially with a Western motif. So this Dark Life series ticks my boxes very well and I was really looking forward to this second book about Ty and Gemma. There’s less of the scene-setting and more of the chasing and fighting, so it was an even pacier novel than the first in the series. This perhaps made it slightly less attractive to me – I wanted a bit more oceanic lyricism – but I don’t want you to think that’s any more than a personal nit-pick because I still enjoyed it thoroughly.

The overall arc of the story – about corruption and discrimination in a post-climate change world – is fleshed out a little more and the relationship between Ty and Gemma develops quite a bit, with all the misunderstandings that accompany a teenaged love affair. These two are both such sympathetic characters. They’re both brave and impulsive but Ty is reserved while Gemma is forthright. They are similar enough to be compatible but different enough to provide just enough conflict to satisfy the reader.

Is there going to be a book three? I hope so. I’ll definitely be reading it. I hear there’s going to be a film, directed by Robert Zemeckis, no less. I’ll be watching that, too!

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