Little Green Book Of Getting Your Way by Jeffrey Gitomer

Little Green Book Of Getting Your Way by Jeffrey Gitomer

The 9.5 Elements of How to Speak, Write, Present, Persuade, Influence, and Sell Your Point of View to Others

Little Green Book Of Getting Your Way by Jeffrey Gitomer

What I liked about this Audio book is that Jeffrey takes the key principles of persuasion and influence and breaks them down into easy to implement ideas. Throughout the Audio book he makes adding the persuasion and influence principles to your existing sales process not only simple, but effective.

One of the areas where I think this Audio book really shines is when Jeffrey talks about speaking to influence. As one of the most prolific speakers working today, he brings a unique blend of personal insight, techniques that have stood the test of time and audiences. These tips alone are some of the most valuable in the Audio book.

So if you are new to the area of persuasion this Audio book will be a great starting point for you. If you are a seasoned pro who fully understands persuasion, you’ll find this Audio book an exceptional review of core concepts. Take a little of this and apply it today and just watch how things just seem to happen when you apply it!


  • Element 1: Getting Ready
  1. Others are perceiving and defining your words and actions – understand that their perception is not your reality
  2. Persuasion is the Process – getting your way is the outcome
  3. Thinking you can is half the battle
  4. The secret of self belief – believe in yourself, in what you are doing, your product, your company
  5. The secret of attitude – Positive and Passionate
  • Element 2: The Fundamentals
  1. Be the squeaky wheel
  2. Outgoing, friendly, aggressive, assertive ones tend to create more “luck”
  3.  The principles of convincing others are personal conviction, being believable, telling the truth, and providing value
  4. The principles of influencing are others are character, credibility, stature, history of success, and reputation
  5. You have to have persuasive presentation skills
  6. Be able to tell persuasive stories
  7. You have to have persuasive writing skills, e-bay used as example
  8. Your ability to transfer a concept to the other party, which they like, believe and have confidence in
  9. Using compromise and letting the other person have their way as well
  • Element 3: Fundamentals of Persuasion
  1. Explanation, Sincerity, Believability, Questionning skills, Communication skills incl storytelling, Reputation and History of Success
  2. The essence – Martin Luther Kings “I Have a Dream” & John F Kennedy’s inauguration “Ask not what your country can do for you…” – study powerful speeches and presentations
  3. Understand the power of engagement – takes place when the right questions are asked, about the other person that makes them stop and think, consider new info and respond
  4. Become interested in them
  • Element 4: The Essentials
  1. Professional Development as a presenter
    • Prepare – know the audience, clarity of your message
    • Practice – get evaluated,  record a practice session – self critique
    • Listen to it as much as you can stand
    • Rehearsals, more critiques, evaluations, video actual session and critique again
  2. Look good, Act Better – this section has a neat self test to highlight areas to work on
  3. Harmonizing – not manipulation – persuasion needs to be long-term – using logic or emotion
  4. Work on your personal commercial – short intro then start asking questions – lots of them as you can’t claim to help until you uncover the help they need – practice (section includes a worksheet to create 30 secs commercial)
  5. Slide show stupidity – not focussing on the prospect – great list of points to give powerpoints a great chance
  • Element 5: Power Presenting
  1. 29.5 Power elements of making a presentation – includes, self belief, they buy you first, upbeat mood, humour but not dumb jokes, look stylish and neat but be yourself, no ums or ahhs, props, encourage audience participation, slides work but don’t just read off them, create urgency….
  2. Start with a story or compelling question
  3. How you lose power – unprepared, low self esteem/image/confidence
  4. Power Up – Dwell on past successes, feed your brain, practice, etc
  5. Tell a story – fables make a point. Aesops Fables are stories with a moral
  6. Humour – make ‘em laugh you make ‘em buy – use it professionally and in the right places
  • Element 6: Persuasion Performance
  1. If you give a great speech, people will thank you, act on it, tell others and remember it for years
  2. Think of it as a Performance – not a presentation – speak clearly, lean forward, don’t fidget/fumble, be animated with a range of vocals, whisper secrets, stand up to perform, look them in the eye, nod, speak with conviction, select and emphasize good words, smile & relax
  3. More great suggestions for tactics to improve, include record a chapter of a Audio book and listen to it in you car – would you be compelled by what you are listening to…?
  4. Karaoke is a great way to practice
  5. Film yourself – make notes – make changes, do it again…
  • Element 7: Sales Persuasion Performances
  1. Another chapter that re-inforces many of the elements previously mentioned, relating them to a sales situation
  2. You’re in sales regardless of whether you are in sales… life is selling
  3. Relax – get to know them first
  4. Insensity – focus, concentration, preparation and passion give you the drive you need
  5. If you can’t close sales – whose fault is that… take ownership and get the elements right
  6. If you failed to gain their confidence here’s a review that could be done
  7. Get some “no’s” and “not now’s” to get to the “yes’s”. Ask for the Sale – learn a few useful questions or topics to discuss when following up
  8. Are you full of hot air? Bragging is OK if done with humility
  9. Free speaking gigs to give value – check local organisations
  • Element 8: The Write Way To Get Your Way
  1. Writing become persuasive when others are willing to act or comment on what you’ve written
  2. Test your own writings – if you received them in the mail – would you keep them or throw them in the bin?
  3. What value are you providing?
  4. Writing leads to wealth, Gitomer shares how he has become a successful writer with a variety of points such writing how he thinks and speaks, structure, grammar, editing, timing…
  5. . … then turns these things into how you can write for yourself
  6. . … then how to write proposals with 16 points on the detail
  • Element 9: Persistence
  1. If you want to learn how to get your way – get a cat… story of how a cat will be persuasive when they want to get fed. Similarly your younger children are equally persistent when they really want something
  2. Why some persist and others quit is discussed in reference to a chapter in “Think & Grow Rich” including purpose, desire, knowledge, will-power, habit, plans and more
  3. Follow-up is persistence – you need to persist with value, something else to add
  • Element 9.5: Eloquence is…
  1. Using words that count, have meaning and feeling
  2. Delivering your message in terms of the audience
  3. Making your message transferable and relatable
  4. Customising and personalising your message
  5. Enunciating your message
  6. The audience perceiving that you love what you do

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Little Green Book Of Getting Your Way by Jeffrey Gitomer
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