The Guardians (The Guardians #1) by Jennifer Raygoza AudioBook

The Guardians (The Guardians #1) by Jennifer Raygoza
The Guardians (The Guardians #1) by Jennifer Raygoza

The Guardians (The Guardians #1) by Jennifer Raygoza Erotic Audio Books 

The Guardians (The Guardians, #1)
The Guardians (The Guardians #1)
 by Jennifer Raygoza
The Guardians audio book is a compelling tale focused on love, pain and sacrifice. The battle of good versus evil. The question is who will win.
Gianna Botticelli is the daughter to a Los Angeles Mafia boss. Although content working for her father, she mentally struggles with her mother’s death—and life choices after her passing. But everything she knows will change when she meets the sexy, mysterious Caleb.
Who is he? What is he? How does he know things? Gianna finds herself struggling with her feelings for him—and the sacrifices she will have to make as Caleb introduces her to a world unknown. Will she have to sacrifice herself to save everyone and everything?
Sexy and entertaining, this book is for mature vampire lovers. I challenge you not to fall in love with Gianna and Caleb.
WARNING: This audio book contains violence, adult language, and sexual content.
This audio book is sure to please the average vampire lover.
**Given a copy in exchange for an honest review**
The Guardians, good story and flow.
It may be fast paced but everything is there.
The characters, Gianna and Caleb are cool.
I love how the characters blended and their personalities.
Both characters are cool and bad-ass.
Especially Gianna, she’s cool and I love her sass and being feisty.
Caleb, he’s sweet and mysterious at the same time.
I love them both.
The story, it’s good and even though it’s a bit fast, everything is there.
I love how things went and the way it ended,
gah!! I loved it.. It’s unexpected and I liked it.


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The Guardians (The Guardians #1) by Jennifer Raygoza AudioBook
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  • This book is like twilight with a twist. The plot was intriguing and it sucked me in better than Shattered Promises by Jessica Sorensen (which I rated 2 stars)

    The premise is a love story… the trouble is it isn’t deep, the “war” has little actual action and I would have loved some more battle type scenes, the characters Caleb and Gianna are interesting but…

    A. Caleb could have done with a bit more background; he was talked about, how he was born etc, but I’d love to know how he grew up living all fangtastic.

    B. I’m still unsure what Giannas dad’s business is, other than he gambles and has a very powerful daughter.

    There are a few small errors in the text but these are easy to ignore and don’t ruin the story. I felt that had I bought this book for the Kindle price of nearly £5 I would be saying that it does need a little bit of a price drop imo

    My favourite character was Maddie, she reminded me of Alice in twilight.

    The story was fun and fresh, an easy read and you don’t see the twists coming, at one point I was like…”Hmmm, what?” But it all makes sense in the end.

    This has insta love type happenings and I know some folk (not me) don’t like that.

    A short read, but I did enjoy it, I’ll certainly look into book two, this just needed more character development. Maybe a few more beginning chapters about the two main characters.

    Thank you so much for the ARC copy, Jennifer. I do have a little soft spot for Caleb and Gianna.

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