Caden’s Vow (Hell’s Eight #6) by Sarah McCarty

Caden's Vow (Hell's Eight #6) by Sarah McCarty
Caden's Vow (Hell's Eight #6) by Sarah McCarty

Caden’s Vow (Hell’s Eight Book 6) by Sarah McCarty

His past has haunted him for a lifetime…but one woman could be his salvation

Gunslinger Caden Miller’s compadres are becoming a bit too domesticated for his liking. So he’s off to Kansas territory to carve out a living and space of his own–alone, just the way he likes it.
Maddie O’Hare has been drawn to Caden ever since she escaped to the Hell’s Eight compounds from the brothel where she was born and raised. And she’s not ready to let him go so easily…until she’s captured by his new neighbors.
When Caden discovers that Maddie is being held by a rival at a nearby ranch, his plan to rescue her backfires, and he finds himself the groom in what’s literally a shotgun wedding. As shocked as Caden is by the bizarre turn of events, Maddie’s grateful kiss holds a fiery promise that’s far more unexpected. But with old enemies catching up with him, Caden and Maddie will face a danger that tests their passion–and will either bind them together forever or break them apart for good.

When it comes to books that I have mixed feelings about, I always take a day to reflect before I write my review because in all honesty, I hate giving a book a bad review. That being said, I really wanted to like this book from other glowing reviews that people gave it, but I have to be true to my feelings and say I could not.

Caden’s Vow is the sixth book in the Hell’s Eight series. I loved my cowboys and couldn’t wait to read this one. With his past haunting him and many of his other friends, who are like brothers to him, now married off – Caden leaves for Kansas Territory in hopes of starting his own home.

Maddie was born and raised in a brothel until she escaped to the Hell’s Eight compounds and found herself drawn to Caden. Slowly she did her best to please everyone, and the other women offered her advice on how to seize the moment and go after Caden – until she get’s captured.

When Caden hears that Maddie is captured, he goes to save her and ends up literally in a shotgun wedding where he is forced to take Maddie as his bride. For someone who cared about her, and was always sensitive to her because of Maddie’s past, Caden was downright cruel to Maddie after the wedding. I was appalled at the way he treated her. The nasty attitude and calling her a whore then spending pages upon pages apologizing, the first part of the book felt like the conversation was running in the circle.

I did like the second part of the book, which to me was a saving grace. I liked that Maddie went out and followed her dream and made money by opening her own bakery. Of course outcomes back Caden and gets angry at her, even though he knew she wanted to open a bakery because they had this conversation and dares to ask her if she was selling something else on the side. Really.. by that time I was rooting for Maddie to leave him and move on with her life. By then, somehow these episodes that she was going through had managed to stop as well. I just couldn’t bring myself to like Caden because he had hurt her more than once for someone who was supposed to feel overprotective of her, but I just couldn’t bring myself to like a man like that. There were sweet moments yet, but they were overshadowed by Caden’s cruelty to poor Maddie. That being said, the book was not for me, but I can probably see the appeal of Caden to other people that might see his bravado differently…

The book is on the smutty side as Caden tries to teach Maddie what real love of a man is and hope she does not pretend with him as she does with other men that she had been with due to her past.

I also loved Ace and the fact that he called out Caden for hurting Maddie’s feelings so much.

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Caden’s Vow (Hell’s Eight #6) by Sarah McCarty
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