The Inner Art of Meditation by Jack Kornfield

The Inner Art of Meditation
The Inner Art of Meditation
Awaken to a richer spiritual life with The Inner Art of Meditation, a comprehensive study course on vipassana meditation from Jack Kornfield. Of the two major schools of meditation, this is the one that teaches you the art of creating a foundation of awareness in your daily life. Zen monks draw from these same principles in their practice.
Meditation is not a means of self-improvement. It is a way of discovering the truth, and relating to it with compassion and honesty. Awaken to a richer spiritual life with The Inner Art of Meditation, a full seven-hour introduction to insight meditation. Distilled from a five-week retreat, this audio-learning event presents Jack Kornfield at his best: engaging, intelligent, helpful-and easy to follow along with. Jack Kornfield’s most popular audio meditation course.
Kornfield, an ordained Buddhist monk, seasoned master, and author, conducts a series of five sessions on Vipassanna, or insight meditation. Vipassana shows how to incorporate Buddhist teaching into everyday living experiences, such as eating, driving, and walking. Kornfield instructs his class on developing an awareness of the present in order to reawaken the capacity to live more fully, compassionately, wisely, and lovingly. General audiences aspiring to a higher spiritual plane will find this an effective, practical, and enlightening course by a sensitive guide with a great sense of humor. The program is a bit lengthy, allowing time for meditation and class participation. It is not for the hurried. It also requires perseverance, as does any worthy self-actualization program. Its only detraction is the nearly inaudible students’ comments and questions.
The title of this review tells it all. Jack Kornfield explains and exhibits the essence of the purpose of meditation. His stories and explanations make things “click”. I feel like this is the starting point of a major…maybe the major progression…in my ability to manifest the power inherent in meditative exercises. It’s a lot to say about a video, I know. I’m sure glad I came across this video. I checked it out at the local library. Now I’m going to buy it and use it everyday and share it with others.

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The Inner Art of Meditation by Jack Kornfield
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  • By kjon June 5, 2013

    I listened to the audio version CD set of this and it really grew on me. Kornfield does such a wonderful job of introducing Vipassana meditation and he has a unique style of combining profound insights with light-hearted jokes and stories. This keeps it interesting but really provokes you to think about things deeply. He keeps things more on a "daily living" kind of level which makes this a particularly good introduction to the benefits and practices of meditation for anyone new to the practice. And yet his engaging style and expansive content will likely benefit even those who already have some experience in meditation. I really got a lot out of these lectures and will definitely be going back to listen to them at regular intervals in the future!

  • By Martyon June 11, 2015

    Format: Audio CD|Verified Purchase
    If you are just beginning to learn about meditation-order this. His background is exceptional! His knowledge is boundless but his way of talking is mesmerizing..

  • By Anonmowsson October 29, 2017

    Format: Audio CD
    There is a timeless essence that Jack Kornfield embodies that resonates with his students. He presents the basic and then steadily more developed aspects of Vipassana meditation in perfect step with the class, allowing each meditation student to become firmly grounded in the practice before moving on. The best way to use this course is to take each class and follow it with a solid week of self-meditation (using the methods you have been taught so-far) before moving on to the next "class".

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