Why Is Mclaren F1 Still The Best Supercar Of All Time?

More than a quarter of a century since the time of its launch in 1992, the legendary McLaren F1 supercar still stands firm in the world of cars like a monument. It has continuously been voted the best car of all time.

F1 is McLaren's first street car version. This legendary car creates a set of rules for evaluating supercars and affirms McLaren's position in the automotive industry.

So what factors have made McLaren F1, a supercar model produced just a quarter of a century ago, becoming an "immortal monument"?

Supercar, Super Light

Although it is a 3-seater car, and only one seat for the driver, McLaren F1 is still the top light sports car in the world. It weighs only 1,138 kg.

To solve the weight problem, manufacturers had to use materials such as carbon fiber, gold-plated titanium and cut down on cumbersome equipment. They removed turbine-type turbochargers, airbags, anti-lock brakes and power steering from the F1 structure.

In return, the car is equipped with the world's leading technology and is also the first time to appear on a vehicle: a monolithic carbon chassis. New technology makes the car extremely powerful, stable at high speed and extremely light.

Speed Legend

McLaren F1 owns V12 engine, 6.1-liter capacity produced by BMW, providing a maximum capacity of 627 horsepower. The car can accelerate 0-100 km / h in 3.2 seconds before reaching maximum speed more than 241 mph.

The BMW produces this engine exclusively for McLaren F1.

Furthermore, power is transferred to the wheels via a sequential 6-speed manual gearbox developed by Weismann and exclusively distributed to McLaren.

More specifically, McLaren engineers have lined a 24K gold foil underneath according to Murray's idea to increase thermal conductivity.

Titanium and magnesium are also two rare materials in the production of car engine compartments used in this car.

Optimal Design

Special Cockpit

The McLaren F1 has an unusual structure with the driver's seat attached to the car. That feature has been still unique up to now.

The driver's seat is located in the center of the car. There is almost room for two people to sit. However, in reality, it may not fit for three people to get in.

The front is the fuel tank as well as the engine, and the passenger seat is placed a little back on each side.

Interior Design

The car still has a rear luggage compartment divided into two separate and parallel areas. The cutting lines, wind blades, air intake holes are evaluated to be placed in “prominent” locations to create the best aerodynamic possible.

It Is Difficult To Reach The McLaren F1’s Aura

Within 25 years since its launch, McLaren F1 has become a sample for next-generation supercars.
The world is growing, along with a range of high-performance models that are born, more sparkling, more advanced technology, more expensive and even faster.

But none of them can reach the "peak" that McLaren F1 has created during the last quarter of a century.

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