The Fastest Bugatti: Bugatti Veyron Super Sport 268 mph

Bugatti Veyron Supersport was known as the fastest sports car on the earth thanks to unbeatable velocity of 268 mph.

And furthermore, Bugatti has completed a masterpiece of both stunning look and powerful engine.
In this short review, we will show you hidden details about the car, how it could drive its fans all over the world crazy.
A supercar of too much of everything

Superpower engine 

The first to review is the engine. We have to say Bugatti is possessing the strongest motor of all cars.
It has 16 cylinders going with 4 bigger turbochargers. Luckily, we also have the intercoolers to keep everything going smoothly at high speed.

To reach 268 mph, Bugatti had decided to remove the speed limit system. Then you have a car with no boundary of maximum speed. 268 mph is just the result of the latest test.

The Zenvo ST1 once surprised the world with the engine producing 1104 hp, now Bugatti shows up with a plaything that is capable of 1200 hp. Is it enough to wow?

Faster engine

The superpower engine leads the car to the top of speed. We mean both the maximum speed and the time to speed up.  2.5s is the total required time that Bugatti takes you to reach 100 km from zero. It’s a power that none of the existing cars can beat up.

Amazing body

That should be enough to talk about the engine, now we move up to an aspect for those who love fanciness: The appearance.

Bugatti does not let customers down at all in every design of it. Except the weight is a bit more than standard supercar: 2200 kg, everything about the outlook of the Veyron SuperSport is eye-catching.

The carbon fiber body

Carbon fiber technology is applied in the monocoque production.  In this edition, the material is stiffer and lighter, in order to keep the balance of driving.

And thanks to this body, the car can take up 1.4g of acceleration.

New NACA ducts

One of the noticeable new features in this SuperSport is the huge NACA ducts. At the previous version of Veyron, there was still a scoop.

Huge NACA ducts replace the scoops found on earlier models.

Charming design

Bugatti designed the new Veyron by round curves and smooth creases. There are no sharp or pointed wrinkles as a traditional sports car. However, this new look makes Bugatti Veyron quite catchy at the first look, especially the low line of Orange.

Final words,

In 2007, The Bugatti Veyron SuperSport had beaten up the Shelby Supercars to appear in the Guinness book as the fastest car. And the number 268 mph is not yet the peak.

But we should know that the car is built up with many other stunning parts, high-technologies, and high-quality material.

We believe that the car a masterpiece for drivers who enjoy both speed and art.

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