Lamborghini Veneno (221 Mph) Short Review: Check it out for useful information

Based on another product of this famous automaker - the Lamborghini Aventador, this car name was derived from "venom" - an Italian word. The Lamborghini Veneno belongs to the list of most expensive vehicles nowadays.

Furthermore, it reached the top price in comparison with other sold Lamborghini cars.

A screenshot of Lamborghini Veneno

Reflecting its high price tag, it was limited produced with only 4 available units. The test one has the name of Car Zero. Three remaining options were to serve customers.

Regarding the Veneno Roadster, there are nine units built to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini.

The overall performance

With a mid-engine option, this car drive is all-wheel, so it features the flag stripes of Italy on both sides. More specially, the Lamborghini Veneno has scissor doors which are so similar to the Aventador.

How about its V12 engine? The upturned L539 option with the capacity of 6,498 cc or 6.5 L went along with the high power output which is about 552 kW or 740 hp.

The car features the exhaust system altered according to actual usage and large air intakes, raising its special redline further.

We have run through many changes from the Aventador to the new version and now wonder what is still unchanged. Indeed, its torque output of 690 N·m or 509 ft·lb.

The stylish exterior

The Lamborghini Veneno features the new splitter at the front and the fixed wing in the rear to generate additional downforce. It is much powerful than the standard version Aventador.

Additionally, the car weights 1450 kg or 3197 lb. For Forza titles, such figure increased to 1460 kg or 3218 lb. The Forza Horizon 3 can be the heaviest one with the weight of 1525 kg or 3362 lb

The promising engine

From zero to 97 km/h or 60 mph, it takes the car only 2.7 seconds. If you want to accelerate from zero to 161 km/h or 100 mph, Lamborghini Veneno will do it for you in 5.8 seconds.

What is its top speed? 356 km/h or 221 mph. This speed is only achieved in the Forza Horizon 3.337 km/h, or 209 mph is the maximum amount of the Forza Horizon 2 and Motorsport renditions.

Furthermore, it uses the powerful, high-revving V12 engine which is well paired with the AWD drivetrain. This combination may create an incredible performance which favors quick acceleration and launches.

The modern interior

By offering drivers the sharp steering, it makes you more comfortable, thanks to the created downforce result between its the fixed wing at the rear and its front splitter.

Also, the car has efficient braking, allowing it to go on smoothly in different types of roads, including technical tracks. Such a feature can be compatible with the RWD drivetrains.

In summary

In the unique appearance of the Lamborghini Veneno, the car can be used to reach extreme speeds of over 1014 mph (1632 km/h) via a rare speed glitch.

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