Koenigsegg CCR - A Unique Factor Of The Commercial Vehicle Village In The World

Koenigsegg is a Swedish supercar manufacturer founded in 1994 by Christian von Koenigsegg. During 24 years of establishment and development, the company only produced 132 cars.

As of June 2017, Koenigsegg has 97 human resources. They are all master engineers in the car industry. Koenigsegg is not only famous for making the world's fastest cars, but also because of its commitment to not produce large numbers.

Talking about the Koenigsegg CCR, it is a supercar of this brand. It first appeared in 2004 in the Geneva Auto Exhibition. And CCR once held the world speed record for a manufactured car.
What Is Excellent From Koenigsegg CCR?

Powerful Engine

The Koenigsegg CCR is designed based on the Koenigsegg CC8S but is stronger and has higher performance. The prototype engine is more powerful thanks to the Lysholm twin-screw swirling pump and titanium exhaust system.

As a result, the engine's power was pushed to a maximum of 806 hp (601 kW; 817 PS) with a rotation of 6,900 rpm. The torque is also evenly distributed and peaks at 920 Nm (680 ft-lbs) at 5,700 rpm.
The drive ratio is ultimately improved by disassembling the 6-speed gearbox and plastic bushing. Manufacturers replace them with Uniball units.

Elegant Design

CCR look looks similar to CC8S but has a new ventilation design, and a revised headlight layout. Additionally, it also includes a revised tail, more extensive, stronger brakes and an optimized front wing.

Similar to the Koenigsegg CC8S, CCR is a 2-door coupe with a mid-engine, showing a large, modern car with a rotating opening.

This car possesses a distinctive body part: bigger tires and brakes, upgraded frame system and improved suspension system.

With a production number of 14 units, the Koenigsegg CCR hit 388 km / h on the Nardo track in February 2005 and defeated the McLaren F1 to set a speed record in the commercial vehicle village.
However, this achievement was broken by the Bugatti Veyron at the end of 2005.

First, the CCR was painted yellow, but then the factory upgraded a silver version. Besides, the car is also equipped with 11-spoke wheels, Top Gear spoiler in the rear, front dividers, and side skirts.

For the exterior, there is not much change compared to the previous version. The company added a layer of charcoal paint to the wheels and updated the front lights.

Koenigsegg's interior is covered with Alcantara. At the same time, the center console is also redesigned.

The company has added several features to the new infotainment system, provided customized bags for remote control and installed reversing camera.

To Sum Up

Each car takes six months to build. Most parts, from chassis to body panels, frames, engines, wheels, brakes, are made on the spot.

Carbon is a particularly important material for Koenigsegg. More than 400 parts are made from carbon, from locomotive fueling system (to reduce the focus of the engine), body and seats.

Therefore, someone said, "To buy a Koenigsegg, money is not all but need patience." It seems evident that if you are passionate about a CCR, you must be very quick and able to wait.

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