Jaguar XJ220 (217 Mph) Review 2019: A Forgotten Classic

The Jaguar XJ220 was a badass car of 1992 - 94’ with the top speed of 217 mph that remains the best of any Jaguar till this day. The supercar was named in the same fashion style as the Jaguar XK120. Though it lost 6 cylinders on the way to production, the XJ220 was claimed as the title of the fastest production car in 1992.

It has an immaculate condition

Unlike other old cars, this Jaguar XJ220 can be seen such an immaculate condition. In the Prodrive test track that is not a race circuit, but this gives us a chance to witness some amazing speed and big stops from this classic.

And you must appreciate the J220 in the aspect of its performance and production numbers. If we base on these figures, then it turns out that the supercar here outperformed the famous Porsche and even Ferrari. The fact that the Jaguar is a rare beast when only 281 cars were produced around that time.

It owns a modest yet clean design

Its traditionally hinged doors won’t open wide, but we can tell that we love the heavily bolstered seat feels quite comfy while the cabin is highly functional and well-finished.

And you can’t see any digital display screens inside, but sure enough, there’s no lack of info with 8 supplementary dials here.

It feels seriously rapid 

Its unassisted steering feels heavy even when the car gets moving while the brakes are really macho. Besides, you can see a solid shove lying in the middle of the pedal that releases more expletives than real retardation. Even after two decades, the car still feels amazingly rapid.

In some users’ perspectives, the XJ220 model owns the same power output as the XKR-S Coupe but weighs less than it.

The V12 used to be the goner, but then the twin-turbo V6 takes the place and delivers a total of 542 hp and 475 lb-ft of torque. It was supposed to be faster than both Lamborghini Diablo and Ferrari F40 as well as much more luxurious than the Porsche 959.

It’s certainly not a cheap car once it’s new 

The price at the moment of its launch in 1992 was around $660,000 or even 1.1 million in nowadays’ money. However, the Jaguar had first planned on creating 350 units of the XJ220, but in the end, just 275 models had been formed once the production was stopped in 1994.

Then in 1997, the last models were sold off, at around a quarter of the original price. But such a thing couldn’t be seen unusual at that time.

That’s because the McLaren F1 that was introduced in 1993, had to deal with the problem worse than that. Meanwhile, Ferrari must slash prices on its F40 by a big percentage to remove unsold units.

As you see, as a collector model, the Jaguar XJ220 hasn’t bounced back up as high as these two, but its 1994 model that you see is actually estimated by RM Auctions to get around $425,000 - $500,000.

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