Ferrari LaFerrari (217 Mph) Review 2019: The Maximum Excellence

The open-top Ferrari Laferrari supercar is the winner for the reward for durability. It launched its amazing look: a removable-roof style of the Italian hypercar, created by Maranello and sold at around $1.5 million. Within three years only, this car has almost tripped its value - now take a look at it!

Ferrari Laferrari Engine

Similar to the standard LaFerrari version, its power arrives from a 6.3 liter V12 with a motor that can launch a combined 950 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque. With such numbers, we can tell that the supercar mixes its cutting-edge engineering with high efficiency, power, and marvelous look.

The Ferrari Laferrari also features a battery and two other electric generators. Its motor is PWM (pulse width modulated), so it won’t ask a heavy inverter at all.

And under the acceleration, the supercar borrows a few of the V12 power to maintain itself charged. Its technology is completely out of Formula 1, and widely known as Kinetic Energy Recovery System.

Ferrari LaFerrari Look

Noting that the LaFerrari version this time owns the same rigidity and drag coefficient features as the previous coupe. Its drive-train configuration required clever packing and the power it creates necessary strength.

Great inlets with openings are all the essentials to make the entire beast look cooler. And know what? A lot of its styling characteristics hide such necessary factors of the supercar.

Ferrari LaFerrari Interior   

If that wasn’t obvious from the outside look, the car’s interior owns a vast amount of F1 influence, such as the steering wheel shape, the controls, and pedal appearance. Besides, you can see a toggle lying between the tachometer visuals for a highly competitive display.

Better than thought, each of the Ferrari LaFerrari’s aspect specs is optimized for high performance, so the interior won’t be the exception! It’s quite comfy for real, and in detail, everything seems to be beautifully sculpted. The specs are supposed to be timeless and special as compared to other versions.

There’s a spine of carbon fiber in the center separating the seats, making the rear visibility much better than other hypercar models. Its controls are quite amazing, especially the seating position - it’s highly optimal.

Ferrari LaFerrari Transmission

This supercar owns a special drivetrain with specs including one potent transmission. Its gearbox depends on the 7-speed F1 dual-clutch automatic.

There’s an input shaft here enabling each to run together with the axles put nearby the case center. And on the top of the gearbox, you can see the high-voltage controllers. These release the power between the batteries and electric motors, so they’re put here to ear the maximum cooling.

Ferrari LaFerrari Brakes

It’s true that the Ferrari LaFerrari car meets the world’s best stopping system for sure. They own the ability to pause a train, but in ordinary driving mode, the electric motors tend to transform into the generators by clamping down on its engine.

And the regenerative brakes could turn the car’s kinetic energy into voltage and delivers it to the batteries. For the carbon-ceramic rotors, these last the life of the supercar.

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