Exclusive Review on Supercar Pagani Huayra BC: Everything You Need To Know

It’s such a mistake not to mention Pagani Huayra BC in any supercar collections. This beast of speed in its release in Geneva Motor Show 2016 caught up the attention of all guests and became one of the desires.

The God of the Wind is not just a name but the real reflection about this supercar.
Let’s see what’s unique that Pagani has made?

The Millennium features

Carbon Edition

Huayra BC was made in several models such as the White Edition or the famous Macchina Volante. However, all of them have the full carbon fiber body in common which has become the signature feature of this Italian car design.

The imposing design 

Being imposing is the style that Pagani wear in all of its cars, not alone the Huayra BC. However, we will see that specialty was made at a higher level.

The color

The car went public with the dark theme mixed with light stripe which refers to the Italian flag. It’s not a dull, plain shade but a more reckless creation.

The light shade also appears in the interior, on the chair, around the wheel and steering to stand out its exclusive design.

The Shape

The mark of Huayra BC is the rear spoiler made of high-quality carbon fiber. The spoiler appears imposing at the back of the car, matching with the large radiator.

The front headlights are additional accessories for day driving. You will be overwhelmed to look at the front because it’s an extraordinary combination of the Sporty Zonda R and Zonda Cinque.

However, this design is not suitable for customers who seek elegance.

The door

As a sports car, Huayra BC has only two seats and doors which are sliding up and down. When the doors stay open, you will understand how is the real transformer looks like. The car looks exactly like a beast.

Advance technologies

Not only the exterior but interior is the strength of Huayra BC. Remember we call it the God of Wind?

It is driving fast and smoothly. Combined with the luxurious interior, the car will be everyone’s wanted companion.

Lightweight car

By using carbon fiber in modeling the body, Huayra BC weighs only 1350 Kg- much lighter than the standard model. Lightweight contributes a lot in its wind sliding speed.

Powerful engine

Pagani made this car with a superpower engine – the V12 motor which allows a maximum capacity of 789 Hp. The car can reach 100 km/h in 3 seconds. To do so, it depends on the twin turbocharger with a volume of 6 liters.

Besides, the Brembo brake and Bosch ESP system that we are used to in previous design by Pagani are now made lighter and therefore, more supportive to the speed.

Final words,

Huaya BC deserves its name “the God of the Wind”. For all upgrade in both interior and exterior, this car made its ways to the desired list of every sports car collector.

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