Bugatti Chiron – Supercar You Cannot Miss

The French supercar Bugatti is famous for speed sports cars. The phrases associated with the name Bugatti regularly such as "speed king," "the fastest in the planet," "lightning fast," or "the most expensive supercar in the world."

Bugatti models are mainly focused on the operation mode and safety equipment, with the representative like the Bugatti Chiron.

Several Features Of Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti is proud to say that the Chiron is the fastest, most powerful and exclusive sports car in its history.

Perfect Design

Admittedly, the Bugatti Chiron's styling is perfect when it comes to Bugatti's distinctive, sporty design language. This supercar owns an overall size of 4544 x 2038 x 1212 mm respectively.

The interior space is also extremely spacious and comfortable with a wheelbase of 2711 mm. The most impressive is the beautiful and strange C-shaped LED strip that separates the driver's seat and passenger seats.

To optimize the user experience, the materials used on Chiron must overcome very rigorous selection rounds of Bugatti. And they are also meticulously processed with absolute accuracy.

This supercar has a relatively simple design with the main emphasis on premium leather material. The multi-function 3-spoke steering wheel incorporates the large size Bugatti logo to create a sporty look.

Rim And Tire

Similarly to the previous version Veyron, Bugatti chose Michelin as Chiron tire supplier, with products of 285/30 R20 for front wheels and 355/25 R21 for rear wheels.

Bugatti chooses 20 "front and 21" rear rims as this will give the vehicle an optimal ratio and dynamics. Larger tires not only make the car look more sporty but also allow for larger brakes.
Chiron's large brakes come with eight front pistons and six rear pistons.

The Most Powerful Engine Block

Providing strength for "beast" Chiron is W16 8.0L 4-cylinder engine, four turbocharge. This system produces a maximum power of 1500 hp at 6700 rpm and maximum torque of 1600 Nm.

Combined with this remarkable engine is the 7-speed dual-clutch DSG gearbox and 4-wheel drive system. With this configuration, future owners of Bugatti Chiron only need 2.5 seconds to accelerate their car from 0-100km with a maximum speed of 261 mph.

This supercar model is also equipped with front/rear disc brakes that are considered to have a perfect grip. This feature can help the owner conquer the speed more safely.

Various Colors

Bugatti made the first Chiron production in the fall of 2016. The French automaker provided 23 paint color options, eight carbon fiber versions for some car details.

It also includes 31 skin colors, eight color Alcantara colors level with 30 types of sewing thread lines, 18 types of carpets and 11 colors of safety belts.

Legend Of Bugatti

Chiron is the Veyron successor - the myth that helped Bugatti enter a new era and redefine some concepts in the automotive industry.

Hence, Bugatti Chiron quickly acquires a reputation for its sportiness. Its driver's compartment also brings enchantment to speed enthusiasts.

However, this car production is limited and difficult to buy, so the price of Bugatti is quite high.

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