All About The Zenvo ST1- One of Fastest Supercar on Earth

Published in 2009 in Geneva Motor Show, Zenvo ST1 recorded its name on the top 10 fastest cars in the world.

But is it everything that we need to know about this car?

We bet that each reader here wants to dig deeper on the technologies and utilities about this supercar. And to see why people in the field show respect to it, we gather some important features for the review.

The charming Orange of Zenvo ST1

The new design of the supercar

You might have never thought that Denmark is the birthplace of a plaything that produces 1,104 hp. A country like Denmark makes its name known for countryside-like pastries and windmills, but Zenvo ST1, in fact, is the Danish pride in automobile industries. This car wears an elegant but eye-catching deep orange coverage that allows you to drive in style on both street and racing road.

The front end

The front end looks like an angry face with the sharp eyes and hugely open mouth. However, beautiful combination of creases harmonized these details to make the whole thing looks elegant as it’s supposed to be.

The rear end

 Because the front end captures two systems of radiator and cooling, the back end appears in simplicity with a low spoiler. General, that remind us about the end of Lexus LFA but with two more exhausts.

The rear diffuser is at the low back to keep the car clinging on the road on high-speed racing.

The secret of top speed

Because Zenvo ST1 team doesn’t focus on marketing, so facts about this product are not much. However, we’ll show you enough evidence so you can evaluate its quality.

The superb engine

Zenvo ST1 is the first version in ST design, but it's already become the highlight of Zenvo’s products thanks for this superb engine.

The V8 7L motor is with turbocharger and supercharger that helps with speeding up to 100 km/h in 3 seconds. This motor can produce more than 1000 hp and therefore, can reach 233mph as max speed in racing mode.

We have three modes of driving with Zenvo, and three of them are powerful: Wet mode with 650 hp, Sport standard mode with 850 hp and the race.

The new advanced for exterior

To support this engine, manufacturers of Zenvo have made the body in carbon fiber and other high-quality materials.

The car weighs 1688 kg mainly because of the steel frame. The floor is quite low which support to attach the body to the street during high-speed driving, and to maintain high velocity.

The car also changes to 7 level transmission instead of the tradition manual designs.

Brembo is a familiar name but this time, this break brand corporated with Zenvo to produce a unique beak to this ST1- the ceramic dish break.

Final words

People impressed with its max speed: 233 mph. We admit it’s a good selling point that this Danish brand has made in the automobile industries. But there are more features altogether contributing to that achievement, as we just showed you.

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