What services does the Free Tier in Amazon Web Service offer?

Meta: Amazon Web Service has many interesting services that you can use. So what services can Free Tier in AWS provide you?

Cloud computing has been a trend, especially after the Covid 19 pandemic. It has become an essential part of using the network to operate online. More and more companies are increasingly using these services. Therefore, the demand to learn and use Amazon Web Services is also increasing. One of the areas that many people enjoy at AWS is the Free Tier. So what services can Free Tier in AWS provide you? Find out with us right here!

What is Free Tier in Amazon Web Service?

AWS Free Tier is an Amazon Web Services account plan

AWS Free Tier is an Amazon Web Services account plan. It allows users to use some AWS services for free for a period of 12 months. Through the AWS Free Tier account package, the famous cloud service provider AWS will give users new experience opportunities. It’s free to use AWS services within a certain limit. You can create and use Amazon EC2 VPS for free for a year, create a microservice system, learn HA services, security, … with a cost of only 0 VND.

With this account you will soon get a free 12 month account and access to a limited number of Amazon services. This will help administrators get started on their Amazon Web Services learning journey. And start learning, practicing using AWS.

What should you do right after creating a Free Tier account?

The first thing you need to do after creating an AWS account is definitely not running to create a new EC2 instance right away. Or go buy a beginner’s book on AWS, but set up a Billing Alarm right away for your account.

Setting a Billing Alarm is much less time-consuming than talking to the AWS support team to get a refund. Billing Alarm will save you many times from the case of forgetting to turn off AWS resources. It helps you avoid fees.

Services that Free Tier provides

It is only a 1-year free trial and has many limitations. But Free Tier still provides many attractive services for users. Take a look at the following outstanding services:

Free Tier is free to use AWS services within a certain limit

Amazon EC2

In this service, AWS gives you 750 hours – equivalent to 1 month of running 1 t2.micro instance continuously. Note that only size t2.micro, if you use any other size or family, AWS will interfere with your credit card.

EC2 calculates your EC2 instance runtime in units of 1 hour. You run 15 minutes or 60 minutes, both are charged the same price. So sometimes the best way to save money is to let the instance run all the time instead of manually stopping / starting the instance continuously.

AWS gives you 30GB to use as storage for your EC2 instances

AWS EC2 not only charges for running the instance, but also for the pre-installed software on an hourly basis. So before choosing an AMI for your instance. Notice if there’s a word “Free tier eligible” lying around. Especially with instances running Windows Server.

AWS gives you 30GB to use as storage for your EC2 instances. And you will be limited to 2 types of memory, General Purpose and Magnetic. Note the above 30GB will be totaled across all drives of all your EBS volumes.

Elastic IP (EIP) Elastic IP has a rather confusing feature. That is if you use it then you will not have to pay for it, and vice versa. So it’s best to just use them so you don’t have to pay.

Amazon S3

Free tier allows you to use up to 5GB S3 storage and 2000 put requests and 20000 get requests. Along with that is the transfer capacity of no more than 15GB per month. Put requests include requests to update and create new objects. “Get” will be the request to download the object.

You can use up to 5GB S3 storage and 2000 put requests and 20000 get requests

Another thing you should keep in mind is if you enable cross region features on S3. You will be charged twice the size of the bucket. Simply that. S3 doesn’t have too many kinks like EC2 for us to worry too much about.

Amazon RDS

RDS is quite similar to EC2 in that the free tier limits you to the performance of the instance and the database on which it resides. With the free tier we have the following:

  • 750h running t2.micro instance
  • Database systems: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB Community Edition and some versions of Oracle and SQL Server. Remember to look out for the word “Free Tier Eligible” and you’ll be fine at no extra cost
  • 2 types of storage memory are General SSD and Magnetic

Coming to Free Tier, you can experience many services of Amazon Web Service for free. It is also a tool to help you try it out before deciding to pay to use it. You can experience it right away to receive useful services. We hope that the information we have just shared will help you!

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